UNAM, CNDH and Carlos Slim Foundation in favor of the Hispanic community in the USA

Today, more than 55 million Latinos live in the United States (17.4% of the total population), of which 37.7 million are Mexicans. This Latino community in the United States faces significant challenges that sometimes create lagging and vulnerability conditions that make impossible for them to develop.

Carlos Slim Foundation (CSF), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), signed an agreement. Representing the three institutions, the event was attended by Dr. Jose Narro Robles, Rector of the UNAM; Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez, President of the CNDH and Marco Antonio Slim Domit, member of the CSF Board of Directors.

This agreement will strengthen the efforts currently being made by each of the three institutions in favor of the Hispanic community in the United States. It will bring closer to the Latino population in the United States tools and knowledge that promote improvements in their quality of life, in areas such as: education, training for employment, research, dissemination of science and culture and promotion of human rights.

“The CNDH’s participation in favor of the migrant Latino population in the United States is directed to impact in the knowledge of their human rights through various means, among them, by providing a study on the rights of the migrant population to incorporate it into the Acceso Latino, portal created by the Slim Foundation,” González Pérez said.

Marco Antonio Slim said about the CSF migrant program: “With the portal accesolatino.org, the community of Latino origin residing in the United States is extended to activities to boost productive development, supporting them in the search for opportunities that allow them a better quality of life in three key areas: education, training for employment and legal processes. Through this alliance the use of this portal will increase.”

This alliance will be the beginning of important actions for the fellow nationals who have decided to leave their land and family in search of better opportunities to live.

“Thanks to the CSF, because during the years that I have been Rector of the UNAM, and long before, it has collaborated and supported important causes in our country; as the motive that brings us together today, helping the millions of Hispanics who are fighting for a better life in the United States,” concluded Dr. Narro Robles.