The Carlos Slim Foundation took part in the Binational Remittances and Financial Inclusion Forum

The Carlos Slim Foundation took part in the Binational Remittances and Financial Inclusion for Migrants Forum, the aim of which was to establish open dialogue to consolidate collaboration between the different instances involved in the sending of money to Mexico and in the investment, contribution and savings programs in Mexico for Mexican migrants.

During the round table titled “Investment and Development of Latin American organizations in the USA”, the Carlos Slim Foundation considered the role played by digital platforms such as in providing tools and information to support migrants and their families in priority areas such as: citizenship, legal aid, employment and training, education, and human rights, among others.

The purpose of the round table was to discuss investment and development as binational practices performed by Latin American migrant organizations to implement projects in their communities of origin.

Today, in the United States, there is a high demand from the Mexican migrant community for access to financial inclusion tools and services.

Aware of the situation suffered by Latin American migrants in the United States, the Carlos Slim Foundation has created the Migrants program, which seeks to take its activities aimed at boosting productive development, education and the acquisition of skills to access better jobs to this community, which will allow them greater social and citizen integration to improve their standard of living.

The forum included the participation of more than 70 experts and strategic allies in the financial inclusion of migrants in the USA, interested in collaborating with Mexico in binational projects.

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