TELMEX-TELCEL Foundation, Incode and the Ministry of Public Security carry out the first Crime Prevention Fair in Armería, Colima

As part of the state program ‘Kings of Prevention’ (Reyes de la Prevención) of Street Soccer, the first Crime Prevention Fair was held last weekend in the municipality of Armory, Colima.

This event was organized by the Ministry of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, SSP), through the Under-secretariat of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention, in coordination with the TELMEX-TELCEL Foundation, the Federal Police, the Institute of Sport of Colima (Incode), the City Council of Armería and Street Soccer Colima.

‘Kings of Prevention’ consists of rescuing public spaces, with the appearance of fields and tree pruning, to later carry out a quick football tournament, said Salvador Bueno Arceo, mayor of Armería.

Bueno Arceo expressed his gratitude to the Federal and State Police for these prevention programs and activities, which help bring citizens closer to the police and reduce criminal acts in the neighbourhoods and communities.

In turn, Andres Trujillo Fajardo, Director General of Linkage, Attention and Registration of Citizen Demands at the SSP, stressed that these Street Soccer tournaments are made with the objective of generating a good culture of prevention, and aimed at children, and teenagers.

During the First Crime Prevention Fair, other activities were also carried out through recreational games by the Federal Police and the local System for the Development of the Family (DIF). Additionally an information module of the local Institute for Women was installed at the event.