Students can get ready for the admission exam of secondary school with PruébaT

In order to support the students who graduate from primary education, the PruébaT (Test Yourself) platform of Carlos Slim Foundation offers an instructor that will help them to get ready to present the IDANIS test (acronym in Spanish for: instrument for the diagnosis of new students entering secondary school). This evaluation exam consists of 60 questions, and is applied to all students that will enter secondary education in Mexico.

At PruébaT students can find free-of charge exercises to help students to strengthening their skills and test their knowledge in the areas addressed in this evaluation: arithmetic, geometry, abstract reasoning skills, reading comprehension and completing sentences.

To explore these contents students only need to register in PruébaT  (, access the “Classes” section and select the option Prepárate para el examen de admisión al bachillerato 2019 (Get ready for the 2019 secondary school admission exam).

Students will face questions very similar to those of the evaluation and will be able to solve the practice tests as many times as necessary. In each attempt they will know their performance, which will allow them to identify the areas they need to review.

About PruébaT

PruébaT is an online educational platform created by Carlos Slim Foundation with the aim of strengthening indispensable knowledge and cognitive skills to learn throughout life; additionally, it helps students, teachers and parents to become familiar with the format of digital assessments.

The platform provides a gamified learning experience, in which students learn by playing within a mythical story. Students can find various educational contents so they can learn at their own pace: classes, lessons, games, short notes, task panel and summary of achievements.

The materials and educational experience offered by PruébaT have no cost and are freely accessible; to access them, users only need to register.