SIDE, Ficosec, Ibero Puebla and the Carlos Slim Foundation will incorporate at-risk youth into productive activities

This week it was announced that various institutions will initiate a social program that endeavors to incorporate at-risk youth, in the state of Chihuahua, into productive and profitable activities.

This program arose from the alliance of the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development [Secretaría de Innovación y Desarrollo Económico (SIDE)], through the Social Economy Office, with the Trust for Competitiveness and Citizen Security [Fideicomiso para la Competitividad y Seguridad Ciudadana (Ficosec)].

The program will also operate with the help of the Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla and the Carlos Slim Foundation, indicated Arturo Luján Olivas, state director of Ficosec.

This program will operate in the cities of Chihuahua, Delicias, Cuauhtémoc, Parral and Nuevo Casas Grandes. Its purpose is to serve at-risk young people between the ages of 16 and 29.

Luján Olivas commented that currently 50 collectives have been located in the cities of Chihuahua, Delicias, Cuauhtémoc, Parral and Nuevo Casas Grandes, that are approaching a level of maturity and that can be considered viable candidates for initiating a formal social economy project.

Edgar Alí González, director of Ficosec Cuauhtémoc and coordinator of this program, explained that the goal is for young people to have the support of projects or ideas to obtain a lawful income through cooperatives, for which they are given training and accompaniment.

The vocation of the Carlos Slim Foundation is the comprehensive education of people of all ages, in Mexico and Latin America, for the strengthening of their capacities and skills and so they can become actively involved in economic and social development, having access to more opportunities and a better quality of life.

To this purpose it works with academic institutions, governments and civil society organizations, so its programs in education, health, employment, justice, immigration, road safety, human development, sports, the environment, culture, humanitarian aid and economic development benefit the largest number of people, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups.

With information from Coordinación de Comunicación Social Gobierno de Chihuahua.