Migrants, training and educational boost for a better future

The decision to immigrate to a different country is never easy. Family, friends, food, and your roots are left behind in your country. You travel with a goal, improve your living conditions and help your people.

When you reach the destination, you must start from scratch. While working and working, you have to learn the language. A good communication is needed to find better jobs. In the end, you seek to create opportunities that you could not find in your country.

We have all heard success stories of immigrants to the United States. They arrived with nothing and now own companies that bill millions of dollars and each year and employ hundreds of workers. How did they do it?

Simple, they prepared more than the others. They fought for their dreams, they were constant and decided to improve or learn new skills that made them stand out.

Today, more than 55 million Latinos live in the United States (17.4% of the total population), of which 37.7 million are Mexicans. This Latino community in the United States faces significant challenges that sometimes create lagging and vulnerability conditions that make impossible for them to develop.

Carlos Slim Foundation makes available to the Latino community in the United States various educational and social platforms that promote productive development, supporting them in their search for better opportunities that allow them achieving a better quality of life.

One of these platforms is accesolatino.org, focused on three fundamental areas: education, training for employment and legal processes. In addition, the Foundation has recently launched aprende.org which provides all people with educational tools and training through any mobile device.

Through these programs, the entire Latino community will be able to develop and strengthen their work and academic skills that consolidate their personal and collective improvement efforts.