IBM Will Provide Carlos Slim Foundation Consulting Services for Social Impact Projects

With the objective of supporting the development of valuable and high impact projects in Mexico City, the Mexican Association for the Support of Children with Cancer (Asociación Mexicana de Apoyo a Niños con Cáncer, AMANC), Fondo Unido Mexico, Carlos Slim Foundation, the Patronage of the National Museum of Anthropology, and the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) , launched the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) consulting program in Mexico City, which is part of IBM’s Corporate Citizenship (Social Responsibility) initiatives.

The four Mexican organizations will work with highly specialized IBM international consultants from the global CSC program to analyze and propose, through an executive report, recommendations that contribute to the solution of various problems proposed by the organizations.

“We are excited to embark on this new edition, which will unite the global impact of the IBM network with the social strength of these prestigious Mexican institutions,” said Carlos Saucedo, Manager of Corporate Citizenship at IBM Mexico. “The four organizations and IBM share a common vocation for problem solving with measurable impact, either by reinventing information and revolutionizing technology or by helping communities address the most pressing needs in the ‘last mile’ of development”.

The CSC program empowers groups of 10 to 15 IBM employees of different nationalities, with a wide variety of capabilities, and sends them to a particular country to develop four weeks of social and community work. During their assignment, participants undertake community-driven economic development projects, working at the intersection of business, technology, and society.

The consultant work for the four projects in Mexico will be carried out by 15 IBM consultants from 12 different countries: Hungary, France, India, Australia, Malaysia, Slovakia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, China, Singapore and Brazil.

The on-site consultancy will be held from February 20 to March 17 in Mexico City; and during this time, the participating organizations, together with the consultants, will work on the analysis and evaluation of the different components of each project. This will be done in addition to the work carried out during the two months prior to their arrival to Mexico City.

Fundación Carlos Slim, was in charge of reviewing and issuing recommendations to improve the integral intervention model in urban communities, which the Foundation has implemented, as a pilot program, in the Pensile neighborhoods in Mexico City. “This alliance with IBM will provide us with recommendations that will help us improving our integral intervention model in urban areas with great needs, such as the Pensile neighborhoods of this City, and which will be very useful when the model is replicated elsewhere.”