The Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation seeks to create awareness through a conference: ‘Detection of children victims of violence, support for parents and guardians’

With the aim of raising awareness about the negative effects of violence on children, Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation periodically promotes the conference ‘Detection of children victims of violence, support for parents and guardians’.

This conference is given by Dr. Liliana Torres Sanders in various secondary and primary schools; where Dr. Torres assesses the importance of accompaniment, communication and limits in the education of boys and girls, in order to provide violence-free environments.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Torres talks about how violence can affect the physical and cognitive development of children.

Additionally she explains that, on several occasions, violence starts in the home and then is transmitted to other people around those children who suffer violence. Dr. Liliana Torres also mentioned that parents have a very important role in the control and management of this problem. They must be the first line of protection for children.

Finally, options are offered to combat this social burden. Family relationships based on communication, affection and accompaniment are often the most effective way to combat violence.

The Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation emerges as an essential complement to support the economic and social renaissance of the central area of Mexico City. Its work has achieved significant triumphs thanks to the constant work with the community and its inter-institutional linkage.

To achieve these successes, the establishment of strategic alliances and collaboration programs with public and private institutions such as Carlos Slim Foundation, Telmex Foundation, UNAM and the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana, among others, has been fundamental.

The Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation considers that social, material and economic well-being is directly related to the human context in which it manifests. To achieve this well-being, the Foundation has as guidelines the Cultural, Social, Economic and Community development of the area and its inhabitants.