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Support and catalyze environmental programs and processes that different organizations, such as local, national and international institutions develop.

The partnership has supported 69 local organizations in 105 proyects, whithin the 6 the must important regions in the coundry, such as: Mexican Mesoamerican Reef, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf of California, Monarch butterflies , Oaxaca and Chiapas

On a national level, Climate Change is also a priority for the Partnership.

Support the national strategy for jaguar conservation and reduce the impact of the activities that threaten it, through policies compatible with the sustainable development of each region.

9 nacional symposium and 1 internacional symposium in which they analyzed the problems of jaguar and proposed solutions and actions for their conservation.

Publication of 4 books, 3 in spanish and 1 in english.

2 National Census of Jaguar and its prey.

National Strategy of the Jaguar Conservation objectives to be achieved in the next five years.

The National Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar A.C. is conformed
Disseminate issues on biodiversity of Mexico, its natural wealth, importance, threats and opportunities facing their long-term conservation.

Publication of 13 volumes.

  • Volume I. Mexican land: Jungles, Deserts and Seas (2007).
  • Volume II. Mexican nature: Legacy of Conservation (2008).
  • Volume III. Mexican Fauna: Nature's Splendor (2009).
  • Volume IV. Felines of America, striking hunters (2010).
  • Volume V. America Threatened Animals. The challenge of survival (2011).
  • Volume VI. Animals of America: Migration and large concentrations (2012).
  • Volume VII. Mammals of the World: Biogeographic Regions (2013).
  • Volume VIII. Natural Areas of Mexico: Legacy of Conservation (2014).
  • Volume IX. Seas of Mexico and the World (2015)
  • Volume X. Natural wealth of Mexico. Environmental Services and Conservation (2016)
  • Volume XI. Conservation of the Nature of Mexico. Success stories. (2017)
  • Volume XII. Birds of Mexico: Diversity and conservation (2018)
NATURALISTA Alliance to increase awareness of the biodiversity of Mexico and the world through the Naturalista platform .
Training to 100 rural communities, located in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo, in the use of the platform for feeding and site promotion.
More than 1'582,555 observations of species recorded on the platform. 8,114 trained users