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Strengthen the competence of adults responsible for the up-bringing and educating children in their early years, to raise their integral development focusing on their rights.

Children and adults benefited: 2'673,987

Distributed guides: more than 2'725,280 benefiting a total of 3'830,481 people.

DIGITAL LIBRARIES TELMEX Promote innovative activities of educational accompaniment and access to digital learning spaces.

Over 3,605 Telmex Digital Libraries.

25'369,703 children, teenagers, adults and teachers trained in ICT.


In 2016, for 4th consecutive year the Digital Village was recognized as the world´s largest digital event by the Guinness World Records, for hosting 420,848 visitors. Overall, Aldea Digital has had 1'232,762 in four editions, and 11 Guiness Records concerning Education and Technologies.


  • In 2013 participated 152,494 people.
  • In 2014 we had 258,896 visitors.
  • In 2015 with 400,524 participants.

In 2016, Digital Village additionally obtained 3 Récords Guinness:

  • - for the largest number of people registered on a completely free educational content platform.
  • Soumaya Museum - for the greatest number of people that enjoyed a virtual tour of the Museo Soumaya.
  • Build your city - for the greatest participation registered of children designing public spaces.
EDUCATIONAL PLATFORMS Open and free of charge learning platform which makes available to all access to modern world-class educational content in different areas of knowledge.

In its mobile version, the application App-prende concentrates the most important content Foundation and promotes important issues like Job Trainning, Education, Culture and Health, free of charge for Telcel and Infinitum active users.

3'151,760 registries.

191'618,713 hits.

ACADÉMICA Promote the generation and exchange of knowledge between students, teachers and investigators of high education institutions to strengthen their educational formation and professional development.
509 agreements signed with companies and higher education and research institutions. 715,383 users registered.
KHAN ACADEMY IN SPANISH Grant gratuitous and world class education to any individual through contents in Spanish that give access to a specialized and personalized formation.

6,896 videos.

19'081,081 registered students.

188 countries.

PRUEBA T Educational platform that aims to strengthen knowledge and the essential cognitive skills to be learn throughout life. It provides students, teachers, and parents with free high-quality materials.

6'093,223 registered students.

49,216 registered schools.

MIT Open Course Ware Grant access to Mexican students, professionals and investigators to MIT´s developments and projects.

Around 498 universities participating in the Telmex Académica program have free access to the content of mass online courses offered by MIT’s OCW and MITx.

Fifty Mexican students have received scholarships to study master’s and doctoral programs in Arts and Sciences at MIT’s Media Lab.

Support to enhance the applicability of MIT’s research on ICT for 167 Mexican organizations benefiting from the Telmex Master’s Program.

Udacity Incorporate training opportunities in Spanish with a technical focus on the use of new technologies, in math, science and critical thinking.
2 courses translated and it has 6,881 users.
DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP To foster the academic performance of the children of Grupo Carso´s active employees, that are studying primary, middle school and high school through the granting of computer equipment and internet access.
466,195 digital scholarships granted

Impel the academic development of college and post-graduate outstanding students all over the country, granting economic support, computer equipment and internet access along with integrating scholarship holders in education and cultural activities. Students from the different faculties of the National Autonomous University of Mexico are supported with food scholarships and scholarships for learning the English language

453,255 scholarships awarded, from wich 10,395 for subsistence allowances, mobility and English course scholarships

Between 2013 and 2016 it supported 9 mexican students for Master's-level studies.

Facilitate the transportation of children that live far from their schools, specially in rural areas in order to avoid school desertion.
483,732 bicycles donated.
To improve academic performance of children with sight problems.
127,750 eyeglasses donated
Event to offer excellency scholarship holders, unique experiences to exchange ideas with world class speakers in various areas such as politics, economy, sports, science, culture, human development and entertainment among others.
470,000 scholarship participated in 16 annual meetings.
More than 80 projects developed, including social applications and web platforms.
729 scholarship-holders.