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SCUDERÍA TELMEX-TELCEL Develop the talent of the Mexican driversa through a concept of “stairs”, which starts from the categories of development and promotion to reach motorsport series in the world most important championships

In 12 years Scudería Telmex-Telcel has obtained the following achievments:

  • 1,091 podiums.
  • 470 winned races.
  • 309 privileged positions (poles).
  • 66 championships.
  • 31 subchampionships.
SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MEDALISTS AND ATHLETES Financial support is given to amateur and high performance athletes, so that they can dedicate themselves fully to their disciplines, and to boost their motivation in their professional performance. The program has supported five athletes in the following disciplines: diving, archery, triathlon, karate, and Paralympic-skiing. In addition, it has awarded the Mexican Olympic medalists in Rio 2016, who won in box, diving, modern pentathlon and taekwondo.
  • Yahel Ernesto Castillo Huerta, diving.
  • Aída Nabila Román Arroyo, archery.
  • Daniel Gómez de la Vega, triathlon.
  • Arly Arístides Velásquez, ski.
  • María Fernanda Flores Hernández, karate.
RING TELMEX Support boxers at the beginning of their careers, therefore they can be in better condtions without the need to find another job to subsist..

76 scholarships to active and retired boxers.

FROM THE STREET TO THE PLAYING FIELD WITH TELMEX Provides an opportunity for young people in vulnerable situations to practice a sport to withdraw them from the street and addictions.

From 2009 to 2014 have participated 229,736 playersin 42,608 teams.

The Mexican women's team has been world champion in Mexico-2012 and in Polonia-2013 and three times have won the runner-up: Brasil-2010, Francia-2011 y Chile-2014.

The male Mexican national team has been World Champion in Amsterdam-2015, as well runner-up in three ocations:

  • Francia-2011
  • México-2012
  • Polonia-2013.
SOCCER TELMEX CUP Promotes physical activation to deter young people from addiction, promotes family integration and improves their quality of life.

3'997,715 players integrated in 233,633 teams.

In 2015 obtained for the 9th consecutive year the Récord Guinnesswith the participation of 267,581  players in 15,757 teams.

NBA TELMEX-TELCEL League Provide an opportunity for better oportunities away from addictions and promote family integration in children and youth through basketball practice.
This tournament has been performed foreight years onsecutive and has a total of59,048 players integrated in 5,368 teams.
TAEKWONDO TELMEX CUP Promote discipline in participants, phisically activate them and support their comprehensive training.
Have participated 6,236 athletes.
BASEBALL TELMEX LEAGUE Promote sport among adolescents, promoting a strategic sense during physical activation.
Have participated 48,921 players integrated in 3,141 teams
TELMEX ATHLETICS PROMISES Provide an opportunity for sports development in vulnerable groups
1,638 children have participated
BEACH VOLLEYBALL AND SOCCER Integrating young people in sports activities, away from contexts of insecurity and violence. It is exclusively in Acapulco.
6,197 participants in Beach Volleyball 6,423 players in Soccer.
RACING TO CHANGE HISTORIES Support vulnerable people, with the delivery of wheelchairs, hearing aids and computers, in each square of the Nascar season.

14 dates each year in nine cities across the country.

Thewheelchairs and hearing aids donated, as well as organ and tissue transplants performed are included in the results of these programs that are part of the activities of Health.

2,210 computers donated.

PAN-AMERICAN RACE The emblematic Pan American race is an annual open road race compromising a route of 3,000 to 3,5000 km of Mexican roads. About 100 national and foreign pilots participate in each edition. Telmex-Telcel Foundation donates 15 wheelchairs for children in each goal at the different stages that make up this race.*

100 national and foreign pilots participate

120 wheelchairs are donated every year*

* Figures for donations of wheelchairs, hearing aids, bicycles, support for transplants, and scholarships are fully reported in the sections on Health and Education.

VUELTA MEXICO TELMEX-TELCEL Vuelta Mexico is the most important cycling competition in Mexico, consisting of 8 stages performed in different cities around the country. This international event brings international athletes from different parts of the world closer to the Mexican public. As part of the event, the Foundation donates bicycles in the different stages’ goals.*

816 cyclists have participated in 102 teams from Latin America, the United States and Europe.

* Figures for donations of wheelchairs, hearing aids, support for transplants, bicycles and scholarships, are reported in the sections on Health and Education

TELMEX CYCLING MEXICO Its goal is to bring the public to an international event.

Have participated 816 cyclists integrated in 102 teams of Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Donated bicycles are included in the program "Ayúdame a Llegar" which is part of the activities of Education.

QUARTER MILE Donate wheelchairs to people who are required among vulnerable populations.
Donated chairs are included in the program "Wheelchairs" which is part of the activities of Health.
WRESTLING Bring entertainment to aid institutions, for the benefit of children and youth.
51 funciones of "lucha libre".