Carlos Slim Foundation and TELMEX provide support to the Mexican Red Cross

Mr. Héctor Slim Seade, General Director of TELMEX, delivered the donation gathered as part of the National Mexican Red Cross Collection 2018 amounting MX$ 5,025,291, of which one part was used to acquire 2 ambulances and the rest will be used to purchase equipment, as part of the support that Carlos Slim Foundation makes to this humanitarian institution.

The National President of the Mexican Red Cross, Mr. Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas, received the donation that will contribute to the invaluable work carried out by this institution in our country.

The donation is a collective effort of Carlos Slim Foundation and the society, because for every peso collected by TELMEX through the donation of its clients (charged to their telephone bill), Carlos Slim Foundation contributed with an equal amount.

Mr. Hector Slim Seade highlighted the actions carried out by Carlos Slim Foundation to help solving the main health problems suffered by the most vulnerable population in Mexico and the rest of Latin America (such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension), through innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions. The goal of their programs is to improve the population’s health, so that more people live longer and better.

Mr. Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas welcomed the support given by the General Director of TELMEX to the National Mexican Red Cross Collection, and stressed the humanitarian and altruistic vision of Mr. Slim Seade.

With these two new ambulances, said Suinaga Cárdenas, the Red Cross will expand the coverage of emergency services and will improve the response and care capacity of paramedics, allowing them to save lives.

Carlos Slim Foundation and TELMEX reaffirm in this way their social commitment with the entire population.