Carlos Slim Foundation participates in the 6th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

Carlos Slim Foundation and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation announce a new partnership with the aim of eliminating preventable deaths in patients by the year 2020.

In order to improve maternal and child health in Mexico and prevent maternal deaths, Carlos Slim Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and IMSS Prospera , operates a health care model called ‘Maternal and Neonatal Care, Growth and Early Stimulation’ (Atención Materna, Neonatal, Crecimiento y Estimulación Temprana, AMANECE). This model seeks to improve health care in pregnant women, in order to reduce maternal and infant mortality, through the use of technology and the integration of centers and hospitals in maternal health care networks. This model operates in partnership with the federal and state governments, specifically in the 100 municipalities with the highest number of maternal deaths.

Currently in Mexico, 42 networks of comprehensive care operate, benefiting more than 80 thousand mothers and newborns who receive medical care through them.

These networks are composed of: midwives, community health workers, mobile health units, primary care centers, general hospitals and specialized hospitals. Through the use of technological innovations, these networks aim to timely identify pregnant women during the first trimester, and guarantee the continuity of care with the minimum risk. This means that mothers and babies receive timely and high-quality care at different stages: from preconception to the first two years of the child’s life.

To achieve this, AMANECE implements various technological innovations and specific educational tools for each stage of pregnancy. It also evaluates the implementation of data collection systems, efficient and intelligent information. Having timely information allows better decision making and quality data that allows effective control of performance. A Control Board presents real-time data on the quality of care provided through the AMANECE integrated care networks.

The new partnership with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation seeks the following objectives:

  1. Disseminate the mission of achieving zero preventable deaths by the year 2020.
  2. Participate in the working groups to find a solution for patient safety, the health care processes and help identify experts in quality processes and patient safety.
  3. Use the platform to disseminate security solutions and health care processes.
  4. The goal is to reach more than 400,000 health professionals, patients and family members throughout the country.
  5. Implement patient safety processes with the appropriate technology in the AMANECE Health Care Networks.
  6. Share the successful experiences with the healthcare sector institutions of Mexico and Latin America, with the objective of eliminating preventable deaths by the year 2020.

The event was held in London, England, had the participation of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), who noted that, “if we want to achieve a culture of sustainable security and constant improvement in health care, a critical element should be the substantial incorporation of patient safety into the curricula and the training of health professionals. These curricula have already been offered by the World Health Organization (WHO); however, the adoption of these plans focused on safety has not been generalized in health schools”.

The event was also attended by worldwide renowned health experts, authorities of the Ministry of Health of Mexico and former President Bill Clinton.