Carlos Slim Foundation inaugurates a Sports Hall in CETRAM Cuatro Caminos

Carlos Slim Helu and Alfredo del Mazo Maza, Governor of the State of Mexico, inaugurated the Carlos Slim Foundation Sports Hall, which combines the display of items from different sports with interactive activities, being a unique place in Mexico.

The Sports Hall has an area of 4,400 square meters, where visitors will find 2,139 national and international sports items, divided into nine rooms: Basketball, Olympic Sport, Wrestling, Tennis, Box, Football Soccer, American Football, Auto Racing and Baseball.

The main items on display include a life-size figure of Ayrton Senna, the original wheel of the Mexican driver Pedro Rodríguez, a chair from the first Yankees Stadium in New York, an important collection of Major Leagues Baseball Cards, and jerseys of basketball players Kobe Bryant and Eduardo Najera, among many other items.

In addition, the Hall offers visitors interactive spaces where they can learn the basics of various disciplines such as high jump, cycling, boxing, soccer, baseball and football , among others.

During the event, Slim Helu announced that the access to the Sports Hall will be free of charge. He stressed that the aim of the Hall is to awaken interest and knowledge on sports, and stimulate sport practice.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Del Mazo Maza, said the Sports Hall sets an example on the sports promotion, and is unique in Latin America. He thanked Carlos Slim Foundation for its commitment to the promotion of sport.

One of the main activities of Carlos Slim Foundation since its creation in 1986 is to promote the practice of sport by supporting the development of talented young Mexican athletes across various disciplines; and developing programs that will inculcate values of life such as teamwork, camaraderie, personal and collective effort. In this way Carlos Slim Foundation provides young people the opportunity to play sports, away from violence and addictions. The Foundation’s programs that seek dissemination and practice of sports include the Scuderia TELMEX-TELCEL, Grants to Medalists and Athletes, Ring TELMEX-TELCEL, From the Street to the Playing Field WITH TELMEX, TELMEX-TELCEL Cup, Adrián González Baseball League, Beach Volleyball and Soccer Tournaments, Racing to Change Lives, Racing for Education, Cuarto de Milla (Quarter Mile, Drag Racing) and Carrera Panamericana (Pan-American Race), among others.

The Sports Hall is located in the Multimodal Transfer Center (Centro de Transferencia Multimodal, CETRAM) Cuatro Caminos and opens from Monday to Sunday from 10:30 to 18:30.