Atrio Verde 2019 inaugurated at the Historic Center of Mexico City

The Atrium of San Francisco, located in the heart of the Historic Center of Mexico City, has once again become the location to host Atrio Verde (Green Atrium), an educational-demonstrative space on green cities and how we can carry out small actions to improve our environment and our community.

This temporary exhibition unites the efforts of the Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation, POLEN, Genfor Landscaping, Mexican Tree Foundation and various collaborators with the intention of showing the importance of the different natural ecosystems of Mexico City to recognize and reassess the significance of its conservation.

Visitors will be able to know the characteristics of 4 ecosystems that form part of the main natural landscapes of our city. In addition, they will know about:

  • Current environmental challenges and possible strategies to deal with them.
  • The natural ecosystems within Mexico City.
  • Creative and innovative design proposals for Mexican companies.
  • Various ways of integrating vegetation into indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Materials that we can apply in the design to collect and take advantage of rainwater.
  • Use of materials that mitigate environmental conflicts and give life to the spaces we inhabit.
  • The use of vertical spaces to increase green areas in urban areas.

Atrium of San Francisco

The Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation has made many efforts to develop and improve life in the city center and allow people to reach art and culture. From the recovery of the historical place to the modification of the atrium space, the Foundation sought to turn the Atrium of San Francisco into a place of rest, a place of pause in the hubbub of the city center.