Aprende.org educational tool for digital inclusion

In the last few years, the app aprende.org has become one of the most effective educational tools for improving digital inclusion of all sectors of society.

Developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation, the platform promotes topics in relation to training, education, culture and health, through initiatives such as: Capacítate para el empleo, Maestro Innovador, PruébaT, Khan Academy in Spanish, Académica, Coursera, Udacity, MIT and ClikiSalud.

The free information available can be consulted from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Aprende.org is divided into three large sections:

1 Education and Culture.- Offers courses in different categories such as, what is learning?, initial, basic and intermediate education, higher education, innovative teacher, history, dare to know, art, digital skills, among others.

2 Training for the job.- Offers courses in management and finance, food, energy, construction, farming, health, tourism, technology and also diplomas, including a job bank section.

3 Health.- In this area you can find proposals for healthcare on the job, in school, programs to control diabetes, healthcare after an earthquake, among others.

The platform is now in several South American countries such as the Dominican Republic and Panama, where the main goal is to promote connectivity, and quality educational and cultural content for all people.

In 2018 it was recognized by the initiative Case for Change, as a tool for social transformation through free access to education and training.

The Carlos Slim Foundation strives for the continuing education of people of all ages, in Mexico and Latin America, so they may strengthen their skills and abilities and can actively participate in economic and social development, finding more opportunities and a better quality of life.

For this purpose, it works with academic institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations, so its programs on education, health, employment, justice, immigration, road safety, human development, sports, environment, culture, humanitarian aid and economic development can benefit the greatest number of people, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups.