WWF and TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation Partnership received the Global Quality Gold recognition

The WWF and TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation Partnership was awarded the Global Quality Gold in the Elite category, in recognition for its work during its 15 years of life.

In addition, the Global Quality Foundation International, based in Dubai, granted the Environmental Responsibility recognition for the program Nature at your school. This program has reached 433 schools distributed along 25 States of Mexico, benefiting 45,500 students. Nature at your school seeks to raise awareness about the importance of conserving nature in Mexico, one of the three most biodiverse countries.

Sergio Patgher Casillas, Manager of Institutional Brand and Social Responsibility at TELCEL, called the attendees of the ceremony on participating actively in caring for the environment with everyday actions that contribute to building a possible and sustainable world for current and future generations.

The partnership between WWF and TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation turns 15 years old in 2018; and it has been an example of union between a global organization that protects the environment and successful and socially responsible Mexican companies. United, we have gone through a path full of challenges to reach the hearts of Mexicans in order to improve our environment, by protecting species that live with us, understanding their strategic value to preserve the ecological balance, “he said.

Additionally, Jatziri Pérez, Director of Communications for WWF in Mexico, said that, Nature at your school has connected Mexican scientists and students to understand that this world has a viable future and that its construction is in our hands. This is why this program is aimed at young people.

The WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Partnership works in six priority regions (Mexican Mesoamerican Reef, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf of California, Monarch Butterfly, Oaxaca and Chiapas) with local, national and international partners, joining financial efforts and human resources for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. It also works closely with the Federal and States Governments agencies, so that the investments help meeting national and regional targets.