Visit the Soumaya Museum collection through Google Arts & Culture

The  Soumaya Museum collection of the Carlos Slim Foundation, one of the 100 museums most visited worldwide, is available as of today in  Google Arts & Culture. The on-line collection  consists of over 700 pieces covering the periods of History of Art:  the Renaissance, Manierism, Baroque, Neoclassic Art, Romanticism, Impressionism and the avant-garde processes of the twentieth century.

For the first time, it will be possible to tour the museum virtually and view its collection from any device in any part of the world.  The Soumaya Museum digitalized 31 works of art in ultra-high resolution in collaboration Google Arts & Culture utilizing  Art Camera.

During presentation of the collection at the  Soumaya MuseumChance Coughenour, Conservation leader of  Google Arts & Culture, commented: We are very excited at launching a collaboration with the Soumaya Museum, providing users with an opportunity to admire, in close detail, what is not visible at plain sight.  An example of this is the Virgin with the child Jesus and St. John the Baptist by Sandro Botticelli, The tears of Saint Pedro by El Greco and Portrait of Jean Renoir by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Visit the collection on line

In addition to attractive digitalized exhibitions which reflect the varied nature of the Soumaya Museum, we range from the architecture of the Museum to the house of the historian and art collector  Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, together with close-ups to the strokes of one of the first women recorded in the history of art, Artemisia Gentileschi and her María Magdalena and the Melancholy or plastic modernity of After the storm by  Vincent Van Gogh.

In the Age of Knowledge, new technologies allow us to extend bridges between communities. Science brings us closer today to the creative processes of an artist.  Without time and distance being important, we are able to see details which, although they were always there, escaped plain sight and, thanks to Google Arts & Culture invite us to admiration and reflection.  A commitment and social action at the Carlos Slim Foundation unprecedented effort in favor of the democratization of knowledge and inclusion.  A free project which reinforces our commitment and social action at the Carlos Slim Foundation to construct: art for all, commented   Alfonso Miranda MárquezDirector of the Soumaya Museum.

The museum will permit users worldwide Access to one of the largest Auguste Rodin collections in the world outside of France, in Gallery 6.

Forming part of the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Soumaya Museum opened its doors to the public in 1994.  It is a non-profit cultural institution engaged in collecting, investigating, preserving, diffusing and exhibiting artistic testimonials, principally from Mexico and Europe. The purpose of the Soumaya Museum is to promote knowledge and enjoy aesthetic work by the showing of permanent, temporary and roaming exhibitions, catalogues and monthly publications, recreational spaces, lectures, cinema cycles, interactive programs, and more