The Soumaya Museum presents the Exhibition “20 Centuries of Art in Mexico”

The Carlos Slim Foundation presented the Exhibition “20 Centuries of Art in Mexico” in the Soumaya Museum, which provides a summary of our national identity through the different artistic and historic stages, from Mesoamerica up to the Avant-Gardes of the 20th Century. The exhibition includes a total of 1,521 works, showing original aesthetic languages, as well as visual and traditional poems.

For the first time, works by Alfredo Ramos Martinez, Rufino Tamayo, Roberto Montenegro and Francisco Toledo are on shown, the latter as homage to his recent death with the inclusion of 5 pieces that delve into the technical exploration of the maestro.

20 Centuries of Art in Mexico is a pictorial portrait of the landscape and history of Mexico, principally highlighting the Baroque, its documents, numismatics, landscape, and faces and features. It’s important to mention that the exhibition has video clips and additional information about the works and the topical nuclei.

Additionally, the exhibition includes a variety of activities and workshops. For example, there are interactive games in each room, which visitors can use to discover how much they know about the history of Mexico by answering questions that allow them to tour the country from North to South and from Mesoamerica to the modern day.

There are also activities for children and school groups, including “A Song for Mexico”, where children aged 6 to 12 can tour the exhibition with song tracks that invite them to think about what makes them feel proud about their country: or the “Values Lottery”, where children can discover this traditional Mexican game with works from the exhibition associated with values, make their own board and enjoy it with their fellow students and families, using them to influence their communities.

The Exhibition 20 Centuries of Art in Mexico is presented in Room 5 of the Soumaya Museum-Plaza Carso, in Mexico City, open from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Free entry.

Forming part of the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Soumaya Museum opened its doors to the public in 1994. It is a non-profit cultural institution that has the vocation of collecting, researching, preserving, disseminating and exhibiting artistic testimonies mainly from Mexico and Europe.

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