The Carlos Slim Foundation Electronic Vaccination Card presented as a success story in France

The Electronic Vaccination Card (CEV) developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation was presented in the TRUSTECH international event on the development of technologies based on electronic security, radiofrequencies, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

The event took place in Cannes, France, bringing together thousands of people from 130 countries interested in the development and implementation of secure technological systems.

The technology developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation was presented as a success story pf a robust and secure digital platform that aids the transformation of health services in Mexico, and which uses communication by dynamic QR codes and NFC labels to provide the portability of information to the health centers and the people responsible for the children to be vaccinated.

The CEV allows a reduction in the burden of administrative work of healthcare professionals as it has tools for identifying children pending vaccination and automatically generating activity reports.

During the TRUSTECH even, representatives from countries such as China, Costa Rica, France, India and Senegal showed an interest in the implementation capabilities of the Platform in benefit of the population.

The Electronic Vaccination Card was designed with the support of Mexican and international vaccination experts, and it is the first of its kind in Latin America, placing Mexico at the forefront in technology applied to health information.

At the Carlos Slim Foundation, we are contributing to the transformation of health services in Mexico, with cutting-edge models and developments, based on Digital Health. Our health programs are aimed at creating solutions for the problems of the most vulnerable population segments in the Latin American region and other parts of the world, so that more people live longer and better.