TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation gives scholarships to Mexican students of excellence

TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation delivered nationwide more than 9,000 scholarships to students of excellence, who also develop extracurricular activities for the benefit of their communities.

The chairman of the Administration Council of Carso Group, Carlos Slim Domit, and the Director General of the TELMEX-TELCEL Foundation, Arturo Elias Ayub, hosted the scholarship awarding, which are part of the nearly 479,000 scholarships that the Foundation has granted over the years.

Undergraduate, masters and doctorate students of excellence from 46 cities in the country simultaneously received documents certifying them as fellows.

In addition to financial support, the scholarships include the delivery of computer equipment with Infinitum Internet access, as well as a wide range of exclusive activities such as workshops, courses and conferences. This has the purpose of supporting the comprehensive development of fellows.

During the scholarship delivery, Slim Domit said that we live in a disruptive era that offers a great opportunity to transform Mexico; and precisely the fellows of TELMEX-TELCEL foundation are who can make a reality bringing the country to a prominent position.

“We are here because we have a lot of confidence in you. We know you have the possibility of building a new society. Seeing you, we are calm because we know we are in good hands,” Slim Domit added.

Elias Ayub invited the fellows to be active participants in the country’s transformation as they currently have the opportunity to express themselves and to participate as entrepreneurs, not only in business, but in life.

“Live according to your values, emphasizing honesty and love for your families and Mexico,” Director General of TELCEL-TELMEX Foundation asked the fellows.