The Soumaya Museum commemorates 100th anniversary of Rodin’s Death

The Soumaya Museum will join the commemoration of the centenary of sculptor Auguste Rodin’s (1840-1917) death, for which various activities will be performed, together with the Musée Rodin, Paris, and other venues in Mexico and Europe.

Alfonso Miranda, director of the Soumaya Museum, said that the activities will take place throughout the year and “it will not necessarily be just Rodin. We look for mirrors games and relations between the French sculptor and other artists “.

Since June last year Rodin’s last piece “The Gates of Hell” is exhibited at the Soumaya Museum, mounted in the lobby. It is a sculpture with 300 images that depict the underworld. These images are sculpted in low and high relief in its panels, frames and corners, cast in a bronze surface with golden platinum.

The Soumaya Museum brings together the most important collection of Rodin outside of France. The collection includes works of important academic influence, pieces of mythological inspiration, portrait and his proposed body fragmentation.

Auguste Rodin, who belonged to the neoclassical sculptural school, did not only put an end to more than two centuries of searching for mimesis in the three-dimensional arts, but also gave a new direction to the conception of the monument and public sculpture.

Soumaya Museum is a cultural center aimed to collect, investigate, preserve, spread and exhibit artistic testimonies mainly of Mexico and Europe. Its objective is to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of the aesthetic work through the realization of: permanent, temporary and itinerant exhibitions, monthly catalogs and publications, play spaces, conferences, film cycles, interactive programs, and more.


Source: Notimex