SIIVac, Mexico at the forefront in Vaccination

The digital revolution centered on the individual constitutes the 4th Industrial Revolution of Humanity. Currently, it is transforming all areas of work with impressive advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, biotechnology and cloud storage.

Public Health is an area that does not escape this huge development, giving rise to a new concept: Digital Health. This allows the provision of services through:

  • Timely Detection
  • Precise diagnosis.
  • Effective treatment

The above contributes to greater effectiveness in public health actions. Precisely, vaccination is one of the most effective public health interventions for the prevention of diseases, capable of positively impacting the style and quality of life of people.

Today there is a large number of vaccines available; and thanks to this, there are more opportunities to provide protection. However, for this mission to be accomplished, a tool was needed to ensure the quality of the service and the timely application of the vaccines.

In this way, the Integral Vaccination System (Sistema Integral de Vacunación, SIIVac) emerges, generating a positive effect on the health of Mexican children and promoting the co-responsibility of the people, by informing them and making them more aware.

With an adhesive electronic chip, the system converts the traditional Health Record into the Electronic Immunization Record (Cartilla Electrónica de Vacunación, CEV), which communicates with a mobile application operated by the vaccinators.

SIIVac has great versatility, since it can be used from a computer in a doctor’s office, a tablet or a cell phone in health units and in communities. In addition, it has an app, putting the protection of every girl and boy in their parents’ hand.

Benefits for the population

By receiving all vaccines each person has a protection against disabling and even fatal diseases. SIIVac is an electronic system with storage capacity of personal vaccination data, so the information of people and their vaccines is safe and can be recovered in case of loss of the card.

Also, the information about vaccination is always available in the chip of the CEV or in the app; and by having information on their vaccines; people can identify which vaccines are missing and demand that their schemes to be completed.

The SIIVac is focused on supporting the vaccinator in his work and generating essential data for personalized monitoring of the vaccination scheme of Mexican children.

In this way, it continuously supports the training of the vaccinators; sends messages and reminders that help people to always receive vaccines safely; facilitates the programming of the daily activities of the teams of vaccinators; and generates reports automatically, giving vaccinators more time to care for people.

Benefits for the Vaccination Program

By having the personalized vaccination scheme, SIIVac allows decision makers within the Vaccination Program to have a complete overview of the operation at all levels.

It allows access to coverage indicators of each vaccine by person, Unit, Region, State and Country.

It offers the possibility of knowing the productivity and effectiveness of each vaccinator, and unifies the vaccination processes along the chain of services, promoting efficiency and effectiveness of actions.