Queretaro the First State to Fully Implement the Electronic Immunization Records of Carlos Slim Foundation

The Ministry of Health of the State of Querétaro and Carlos Slim Foundation (CSF) signed a cooperation agreement was signed to implement the Electronic Immunization Records (Cartilla Electrónica de Vacunación, CEV) throughout the state. The goal is penetrate in the four jurisdictions constitute the state by December 2017, reaching over 100,000 children under 5 years of age, through 266 health units and 528 vaccinators.

The program actively participates in the National Health Center for Children and Adolescents (Centro Nacional para la Salud de la Infancia y Adolescencia, CENSIA) of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Gonzalo Río Arronte Foundation.

CEV is a tool developed by CSF that helps to have real-time and quality information on immunization activities. This innovative system contributes to improve the protection of the population against preventable diseases by vaccination, and represents a fundamental pillar of the Universal Vaccination Program’s modernization. To implement the CEV in the state of Querétaro, 298 electronic tablets were delivered through which the health personnel of the state can read and record relevant data.

Developed jointly with the Federal Ministry of Health, CEV is the technological element on which the Comprehensive Immunization Information System (Sistema Integral de Información de Vacunación, SIIVac) has been built, which allows the identification and individual monitoring of children. It also provides timely and reliable information for decision-making at all levels, from vaccinators and health personnel to coordinators and leaders of immunization programs in the different states and at the federal level.

In addition, it is important to note that the CEV does not replace the National Record; instead, both complement each other to achieve a timelier monitoring.

The event was attended by Dr. Alfredo Gobera Farro, Ministry of Health of the State of Queretaro; Dr. Luis Durán Arenas, General Director of CENSIA, Dr. Roberto Tapia-Conyer, General Director of CSF, as well as Dr. Miguel Betancourt Cravioto, CSF Director of Global Solutions.