PruebaT helps improving math and reading skills in Aguascalientes

The Institute of Education of Aguascalientes (IEA) uses the educational platform PruébaT (Test Yourself) in all public and private secondary schools of the state to improve math and reading skills, said Lourdes Carmona Aguiñaga, IEA director of Educational Services.

Carmona Aguiñaga mentioned that students can enter the platform PruébaT through a mobile device at no cost, because it is offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation.

According to data presented by Lourdes Carmona, up to 70% of the student population from the fourth to the sixth grade of elementary school use electronic mobile devices daily and this figure grows to 80% in secondary schools in the state.

PruébaT  is an online educational platform that seeks to strengthen indispensable skills to learn throughout life, its contents are aimed at teachers, parents and students of basic education schools, who can find courses, games and notes related to topics such as mathematics, science, reading, educational innovation, among others.

For students, the platform offers games through which young people can become familiar with various types of questions, using a digital interface that tests their knowledge and develops their ability to solve tests against the clock.

With quality educational tools at no cost, Carlos Slim Foundation promotes the development of skills and knowledge of students and teachers in Latin America. If you want to know the courses and games of PruébaT, visit