‘Preventing Violence and Increasing Citizen Security’ Diploma was inaugurated

Since its creation, Carlos Slim Foundation (CSF) contributes to the development of the most vulnerable populations in the country and helps generating human capital, through high impact social programs. CSF’s actions are focused on strengthening individuals’ capacities and skills, to allow them improving their opportunities for growth and well-being.

Through its Prevention of Violence and Construction of Public Safety Program, Carlos Slim Foundation promotes the training of public servants, members of social organizations and community leaders, who are dedicated to prevent violence and crime. Recognizing that joint and coordinated efforts add greater value to activities, CSF establishes strategic alliances with key actors to enhance results and contribute to citizen security.

A National Professionalization Program was inaugurated on 26th April with the start of a diploma called ‘Preventing Violence and Increasing Citizen Security’. This diploma will initiate with the training of tutors that will guide the learning process of the following generations.

This diploma is the first of the actions of a collaboration agreement for the professionalization of public servants in violence prevention signed between Interior Minister Mr. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and CSF President Mr. Carlos Slim Helu. Its objective is to turn all participants into permanent actors for violence prevention, and increase preventive actions nationally.

The three-day course seeks to generate exchange of experiences, new learning and a space for dialogue between participants to strengthen their knowledge and tools. The first generation is formed by graduated from the National School of Social Work of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), who will become the tutors that will guide the development of skills on violence prevention of public servants in the following generations.

The diploma course is open to all learners at Aprende.org, a free and open learning platform that is accessible to people. It contains diverse educational, modern and world-class content in different areas of knowledge.