Learn about the work of the WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Alliance in La Paz-Loreto Bay Corridor

The La Paz-Loreto Bay Corridor is among the 18 priority areas in which the WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Alliance works, where since 2009, in coordination with the federal government, state and municipal governments, local communities, leading conservationists and national and international environmental organizations, it has been pursuing a Strategy for Conservation of the Biodiversity and Sustainable Development of Mexico.

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This corridor, 240 km, is located on the east coast, to the south of the Baja California Peninsula. It has high scenic value and includes several of the Gulf of California islands declared a Natural World Heritage site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), due to their great biodiversity, endemic species and state of preservation.

To protect this important area, the WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Alliance takes actions such as:

     1 Strategies and actions to adapt to climate change.

     2 Promotion of sustainable tourism models.

     3 Elimination of non-selective fishing gear and its replacement with sustainable fishing gear.

     4 Strengthening of the management of the Protected Natural Area Loreto Bay National Park.

     5 Sustainable management of water.

Since its creation, the Carlos Slim Foundation has adopted environmental protection as one of its main areas of focus, pursuing alliances with important institutions dedicated to the preservation of a healthy environment that supports human development.

The WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Alliance works in six priority regions (Mesoamerican Reef of Mexico, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf of California, Monarch Butterfly Region, Oaxaca and Chiapas) with local, national and international partners, combining efforts and financial and human resources in the area of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. It also works hand in hand with federal and state governmental agencies to ensure that the investments contribute to meeting national and regional goals.