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This Carlos Slim Foundation program actively works to achieve two principal objectives. The first one is the reintegration of vulnerable persons deprived of liberty for minor offenses into the society, their families and workforce. The second one is strengthening public security and preventing different types of social violence, including school, gender, community and family violence.



We grant social bails for the benefit of poor people deprived of their freedom, who have committed a minor offense for the first time and have the right to go free by paying a minimum bail. In this way we help them to reach their rapid reintegration into society, workforce and family life.


Bails provided for 109,115 persons


Carlos Slim Foundation, in partnership with the Sub-Minister for Prevention and Citizen Participation and the National School of Social Work at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), works to promote the prevention of different types of violence; including community, family, school and gender violence. Furthermore this program aims to strengthen citizen security, through training of public servants, members of social organizations and community leaders.


993 public officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and social leaders trained.

31,843 comprehensive services in preventive action provided.