Guatemalan students and teachers benefit from the PruébaT platform

On the morning of May 30th of this year, Carlos Slim Foundation and the Ministry of Education of Guatemala signed a collaboration agreement to promote the use of the PruébaT (Test Yourself) platform in order to strengthen knowledge and skills for Guatemalan students and teachers in different curricular and extracurricular areas. This collaboration will have the support of Claro Guatemala as a link that will allow students, teachers and parents to get closer to this tool.

PruébaT has been used by education ministries in Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Panama. Based on these efforts, Carlos Slim Foundation has the goal of extending the benefits of this educational platform to more Spanish-speaking countries such as Guatemala, so that communities receive complete basic knowledge, with the support of a team of professionals, to strengthen the teaching-learning process.

With the signing of this public agreement, actions will be coordinated for the massive use of the PruébaT platform by students, teachers and parents nationally, through courses, interactive virtual exercises and dissemination material.

The contents will be adapted based on the requirements and standards of use of Guatemala, where more than 45 thousand public and private establishments, of all educational levels, will have access to the portal and will be able to register through the code or name of their educational establishment. The Ministry will inform each educational institution about the courses and educational materials available on the platform, which can be accessed from a desktop or laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other device.

The resources offered by PruébaT will be used as a basis to facilitate learning opportunities for students and teachers who participate in different tests that the Ministry of Education promotes such as: The National Assessment of Primary Education; Evaluation to basic third (TER) and graduates, as well as teachers who are opting for a position.

In addition, spaces will be promoted so that the educational community becomes familiar and knows more about international evaluations such as the PISA 2021 Test and the fulfillment of the 2030 objectives agenda of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Through the Prébaba platform, students and teachers can strengthen their learning and basic skills in language, mathematics, digital, scientific and technological skills. Also, they will have access to sample items to know the tests carried out by the Ministry of Education and its contents.

The Ministry of Education has a series of pedagogical materials prepared based on the results of national evaluations, as well as released tests with sample items of the evaluations it carries out. All these inputs will soon be part of the resources that will be available to students and teachers throughout the country, through this platform.

“As Ministry of Education, we want the PruébaT platform to become a tool that will help us strengthen those learning areas that national evaluations have shown to be essential for intervention; and that teachers’ teams use it, so that students reach the basic reading, mathematical reasoning and scientific thinking skills, necessary for the development of the country,” said the Vice Minister of Design and Verification of Educational Quality, José Moreno Cámbara.

For more than a decade Claro has contributed to Guatemalan education, and this time it does so with the contribution of the mentioned platform, which will contribute to the growth and development of the most important resource of a country: its people.

In this way, Carlos Slim Foundation collaborates so that thousands of students find in knowledge their vocation, their path, their delight in learning, and fulfill the expectations of what Guatemala expects from them.

“Education is the key to opportunities. It is through knowledge, specializations and the development of intelligence that significant changes are achieved for the progress and development of nations,” said Ricardo Sahagún, Director of Claro Guatemala.