Exemplary participation of Carlos Slim Foundation in the 9th edition of the Global Health Conference

The 9th edition of the Global Health Conference, organized by the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Health Organization, was held from May 7-10 at Florida International University (FIU). Carlos Slim Foundation participated in sessions focused on guaranteeing greater access to better healthcare for people and communities. The work groups concentrate on the coordination of collaborative initiatives, national and international, to provide health solutions to the global population.

In the last few years, the Carlos Slim Foundation has become a reference point in the Latin American and Caribbean region for its research and development of new technologies, such as Digital Health, to improve people’s health.

Understanding Digital Health as a catalyst for social inclusion, the active participation of people in their healthcare and the improvement of the healthcare system as a whole, Carlos Slim Foundation has developed models and programs focused on facilitating access of people to health services and generating better quality in services, to help close the gaps in healthcare matters.

Among its primary models is Casalud MIDO, whose success is based on allowing people to know and recognize their current state of health in order to confront chronic illnesses, like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. In relation to its use of information and its analysis for decision making, Casalud MIDO has also been recognized by the United Nations Organization as a model for  implementation and expansion to the Latin American and Caribbean region. Learn more

Regarding vaccination, the development of the Electronic Vaccination Card Platform (CEV) has contributed to the modernization of the vaccination system in Mexico and to achieving complete vaccination programs for more children, thereby diminishing the risks of mortal illnesses in minors. The CEV Platform is versatile; it functions with or without connection to the internet and it operates in computers, tablets or cell phones as necessary. Learn more

The contributions of the Carlos Slim Foundation to Digital Health and the benefits it implies for all people, primarily to the most vulnerable, are the launching point in this important event, the Global Health Conference, which has the purpose of:
• Acting as a catalyst platform to address the key challenges in world health that affect large populations worldwide.
• Creating internal, national and international multidisciplinary collaboration to address the urgent health crisis.
• Promoting education, interventions and innovations in health.
• Improving conditions of life for communities through a sustainable and equitable balance between health and the environment.