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Carlos Slim Foundation recognizes the importance of education in the comprehensive development of a nation. Each year, our programs contribute by providing various inputs, training students, and supporting them from their early school years to postgraduate studies; committing to the creation of a free, healthy, just and prosperous society.

APRENDE.ORG is a platform that brings educational and training tools within the reach of everyone through any mobile device.

Everyone with Telcel chip has the opportunity to study and learn for free, from wherever they are. Until now, has 9,739,128 visitors and 338,658 registries.







Educational platform that aims to strengthen knowledge and the essential cognitive skills to be learn throughout life. It provides students, teachers, and parents with free high-quality materials. PruébaT offers an environment where students learn in a fun way at their own pace, and obtain virtual rewards depending on their performance. It includes courses, gamified quizzes, and articles in areas such as Math, Science, Language and Communication, Digital Skills, Educational Innovation, Creativity, and Logical Thinking.



registered students


registered schools.

Initial Education

It provides support and training to families and educational and health organizations, communities and general society involved in the upbringing and education of children, to promote their development. Strengthen the skills of the adults responsible for the upbringing and educating children at an early age to promote their integral development, focusing in their rights.



people trained for the benefit of 934,875 children and adults.


parents and children at an early age have benefited by the "Practical Guide for the Developing of Your Children".

Digital Libraries TELMEX

These spaces are digital learning centers for the general public, where they can develop skills and learn about the benefits of Information Technology, through the use of modern computer equipment, Infinitum Internet connectivity and educational activities.



Telmex Digital Libraries.


Children, youth, adults and teachers trained in Information Technology.

Aldea Digital

Aldea Digital (Digital Village) is the world's largest digital inclusion event. It has become a space where technology leaders converge and interact with the public through courses, workshops and conferences. In 2016, this technology event received 420,848 visitors.

Furthermore, we obtained 4 Guinness World Records:

Aldea Digital has the record as world’s largest digital inclusion event. holds the record for the highest number of people registered on a platform of completely free educational content.

The Soumaya Museum holds the record for highest number of people who did a virtual tour of the museum.

The workshop ’Build your City’ holds the record for gathering the largest number of children and teens to participate in the design of public spaces.



visitors in four editions.


Guiness Records concerning Education and Technologies.


Académica (Academics) is a Knowledge Digital Community in Spanish, which encourages participation and interaction of students, teachers and researchers from prestigious higher education institutions; in order to create, share and exchange free and open-access knowledge, with the aim of contributing to reinforce the Higher Educational System in Mexico and Latin America.



agreements with Higher Education and Research Institutions and companies have been signed.


registered users.