Digital Innovation Center (CID): Research to innovate

As part of the actions carried out by Carlos Slim Foundation to solve the main health and education problems of the vulnerable populations in the country, the Center for Digital Innovation (Centro de Innovación Digital, CID) was created two years ago as part of ​​the Technology and Innovation Center (Centro de Tecnología e Innovación, CTIN).

For several years, the CTIN has been a meeting point that promotes the growth of its interns through multidisciplinary-integration dynamics; where creative, technological and social impact solutions are generated.

The CID compromises a group of interns who research the best technologies in the world and innovative projects that can be reinterpreted into improvements for the different companies of the CARSO Group.

Currently, the members of the CID are working in different areas of the CARSO Group, with special attention in the health area, where they mainly work in two subjects:

  1. In a program for better usage of the data generated in the projects to make artificial intelligence analysis, by using the large volume of data generated through MIDO to profile the population and gradually customize possible interventions in the lives of patients.
  2. To structure a plan to form an alliance to use an app similar to MIDO my Health, that already exists in the market. As part of this alliance, Carlos Slim Foundation will translate of the app and upload it to the TELCEL platform.

Carlos Slim Foundation, through health care models, research and technological tools, carries out actions, with the objective of solving the main problems in health and education among the most vulnerable populations, especially in Mexico and Latin America.

The creation of models such as the CTIN and the CID are a fundamental tool to achieve this objective, since their projects are characterized for their innovation, sustainability and replicability.

The boost that the Carlos Slim Foundation has given to innovation in health, nutrition and education helps to improve the living conditions of people and their families. By raising the levels of health and education of the population, we can help people to live more and better.