Dare yourself to know on Aprende.org

“History is made of dilemmas, it is made of decisions that are almost always doubtful, that have to be taken in uncertainty without any security. However, when we tell the history, everything seems very clear…” This is how the introduction to Atrévete a saber (Dare yourself to know) of the educational platform Aprende.org begins.

Through a series of videos, Dr. Fernando Escalante Gonzalo offers us a new perspective on various events that marked the course of history. Not only how books dictate, but from the perspective of those characters who made decisions without knowing their results.

Discover the story of how Ludwik Zamenhof created Esperanto to offer it to humanity as a new form of communication free of political and religious barriers. Although such endeavor would seem crazy, today the UN and UNESCO recognize the effort of this language in favor of understanding beyond borders.

You can also understand how the fight against racial segregation in the United States has Rosa Parks as its main figure, and why, by not “giving up” her place in public transport, she changed history forever.

If you want to know more about this educational platform, visit the site: Atrévete a saber

Visit Aprende.org and dare yourself to know how the history has been shaped by decisions and social junctures.

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