Carlos Slim Foundation and SOFOFA launch platform ‘Capacítate para el Empleo’ in Chile

This week, Carlos Slim Foundation, in a joint effort with the Society of Industrial Promotion (Sociedad de Fomento Fabril , SOFOFA), launched in Chile the Capacítate para el Empleo’ (Get trained for employment) platform, a tool that will help training thousands of Chilean workers in various productive sectors.

Until now, Capacítate para el Empleo has been implemented in 194 countries, where it has benefited millions of people, who have been able to access tools and knowledge that have  helped them to improve their job opportunities and quality of life.

The launching ceremony was attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Nicolás Monckeberg; the director of the National Service for Training and Employment (Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Empleo SENCE), Juan Manuel Santa Cruz; the president of SOFOFA, Bernardo Larraín; the mayor of the Municipality of Estación Central, Rodrigo Delgado; along with Mauricio Escobedo, Carlos Slim Foundation representative in Chile.

“The arrival of the Carlos Slim Foundation in Chile with Capacítate para el Empleo is a great milestone for the professionalization of trades in the country. We are convinced that, as in the other markets where it operates, it will be a contribution to the transformation process the labor market is experiencing, where joining the digital world is a necessity and not an alternative, especially when it comes to training and add value to the local work,” said Mauricio Escobedo.

Bernardo Larraín welcomed that “Carlos Slim Foundation brings this project to Chile. Civil society and the private sector can make projects, they can innovate, they can try methodologies, and then they can scale it to the public provision; as well as through the agreement signed between the Foundation and the SENCE”.

Rodrigo Delgado said that the digital platform Capacítate para el Empleo is an excellent training tool for the community; “first of all, because the neighbors will be able to look for alternatives of entrepreneurship from the knowledge of the courses in the platform. A second option allows strengthening the curriculum to enter the labor market, this is essential to seek employment. The third line is to learn a trade to increase income. The digital tools are here to stay,” he said.

Interested persons can access the courses at The courses at Capacítate para el Empleo are completely free of charge and are taught through the Internet. Upon completion of your training, you will obtain a certificate that accredits your learning.

Capacítate para el Empleo, a platform developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation, offers online tools for all people who wish to receive free training, regardless of their previous experience in various trades and technical-operational activities of different productive sectors. Through different online materials, the qualities and skills that are needed in the work area of ​​interest are fully explained.

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