Carlos Slim Foundation signs agreement to help rehabilitate, preserve and improve the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí

With the purpose of rehabilitating, conserving and improving the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí, local entities signed an agreement with the General Coordination of the Authority of the Historic Center of Mexico City, as well as with the Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation of Carlos Slim Foundation.

Both entities will collaborate with the Advisory Council of the Historic Center of the city of San Luis Potosí with the objective of consolidating the first quarter of the city as a national benchmark.

The revitalization of the Historic Center will not only include infrastructure works, but also an integral project for habitability, tourism, culture and environment, the involved authorities and stakeholders informed.

Adrián Pandal González, director general of the Historic Center of Mexico City Foundation of Carlos Slim Foundation, said that work must be done to adapt the buildings to the current conditions, improve public services, security and housing; so that the inhabitants of this are reach better living conditions.

The main objectives of the agreement are establishing the general bases of collaboration so that they can exchange of experiences in the conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of cultural areas.

Carlos Slim Foundation has the vocation is the integral training of people of all ages in Mexico and Latin America, so that they can strengthen their abilities, skills, and can be actively involved in economic and social development of the country, achieving more opportunities and a better quality of life .

To do this, the Foundation works with academic institutions, governments and civil society organizations, so that its programs on Education, Health, Employment, Justice, Migrants, Road Safety, Human Development, Sports, Environment, Culture, Humanitarian Aid and Economic Development, benefit the greatest number of people, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups.

With information published in La Jornada San Luis

Pictures from the Facebook profile of the Council of the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí