Carlos Slim Foundation presented the 2024 Health Awards

  • The Exceptional Institution Award went to the Instituto de Oftalmología Fundación Conde de Valenciana.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Research was awarded to Moisés Selman Lama.
  • A Special Recognition to Francisco Moreno Sánchez.

The 2024 Health Awards ceremony was held at the Soumaya Museum, which was presided over by engineer Carlos Slim Helú, Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas, rector of UNAM; Dr. Ana Carolina Sepúlveda Vildósola, director of the Faculty of Medicine; and Dr. Carmen Margarita Hernández Cárdenas, director of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases.

At the event, Marco Antonio Slim Domit presented how the Carlos Slim Foundation contributes to the transformation of health services in Mexico, with innovative models and developments that benefit the most vulnerable populations, “Especially at the first level of care,” he said, “where there is a unique opportunity to implement effective measures that not only prevent the progression of existing diseases, but also the appearance of new ailments.”

He highlighted that the incorporation of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in this level of care not only makes it possible to revolutionize the way in which diseases are prevented and treated, but also facilitates the development of a personalized health model that responds to the specific needs of each person.

During the Health Awards ceremony, Roberto Tapia Conyer, CEO of the Carlos Slim Foundation, recalled that the Carlos Slim Health Awards have been pioneers in recognizing the work of professionals and organizations of excellence, whose commitment is to improve the health of the people of Latin America.

The winners of the Awards are designated by a jury made up of national and international researchers, from among hundreds of nominations from a public call that is issued annually from August to November in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Since 2008, 1,478 nominations have been received from 23 countries in the region. Throughout these 17 years, 37 researchers and institutions from 12 countries have been awarded, with a recognition of 100 thousand dollars each.

The winners of the 2024 Health Awards are:

Lifetime Achievement Award in Research: Dr. Moisés Selman Lama
Outstanding physician and researcher whose career has been characterized by his commitment to scientific excellence and his tireless dedication to the study and treatment of diffuse interstitial lung diseases.
Throughout his career, Dr. Selman has held various leadership positions in prestigious institutions, highlighting his work as Scientific Coordinator of the Research Unit at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) where he contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field of respiratory diseases.
His focus on diffuse interstitial lung diseases (DILDs), especially idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, has led to numerous scientific breakthroughs and significant discoveries.
For his outstanding work in the field of research, Dr. Selman has been awarded numerous national and international awards and distinctions that recognize his contribution to the advancement of respiratory medicine, including the 2008 National Award for Sciences and Arts.

Exceptional Institution: Instituto de Oftalmología Fundación Conde de Valenciana
Non-profit organization, a benchmark in the training of specialists and research in ophthalmological diseases in the Latin American region. It offers more than 230 thousand consultations annually and has performed more than one million ophthalmological surgeries since its creation on low-income patients.
It stands out for its commitment to the community and its focus on reducing inequality in access to health care.

Special Recognition: Dr. Francisco Moreno Sánchez
For his leadership, vocation and commitment to people’s health. Dr. Moreno Sánchez has published more than 75 specialized articles, including 3 in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (Jama), and has also collaborated on several books on infectious diseases and public health.