Carlos Slim Foundation at the Mobile World Congress Americas

As part of a forum on ‘The Future of Digital Health’ at the Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, Carlos Slim Foundation presented its vision on Digital Health and the CASALUD model, recognized as one of the most successful health assessment and prevention models in the world by the GSM Association.

Mojca Cargo, Marketing and Bonding Manager of GSMA, presented the main achievements of the model, including the realization of more than 1 million detections through the Integrated Measurement for Timely Detection (Medición Integrada para la Detección Oportuna , MIDO®), and the successful implementation and operation of the Information System in Chronic Diseases (Sistema de Información en Enfermedades Crónicas , SIC) with scope to more than 12 thousand health units.

Rodrigo Saucedo, Coordinator of Innovations of Carlos Slim Foundation, said that these achievements have been possible thanks to an extraordinary effort led by the Ministry of Health. He detailed all the work done to ensure alignment and full compliance with the most important security and data protection guidelines in Mexico.

On the other hand, Carlos Slim Foundation had a prominent participation in a panel dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, where the vision of the Foundation on this topic was exposed, and the Quality Index of Diabetes Care was presented, as well as the relevance to use this information for the design of action plans that allow to ensure a paradigm shift towards the conformation of a health system focused on continuous improvement, through collaborative learning and performance measurement schemes.