Carlos Slim Foundation donates more than 1,978 million pesos for reconstruction

The support granted by Carlos Slim Foundation in addition to more than 395 million pesos received in donations from society sum a total of 2,373,829,429.86 pesos.

Carlos Slim Helu reported that with the contribution of 5 pesos for every peso received in donations for reconstruction work needed after two massive earthquakes hit Mexico last September, Carlos Slim Foundation will donate 1,978,191,191.55 pesos; figure that added to the 395,638,238.31 pesos contributed by more than 217,000 donors have allowed resources for $ 2,373,829,429.86, which will be audited by the firm Ernst & Young.

Slim Helu explained that the funds will be used to:

  1. Humanitarian aid for the victims.
  2. Structural protection of cultural heritage at risk, while it is restored by specialists under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture.
  3. Contribute to the reconstruction and transformation of health centers and schools, expanding and modernizing them, in coordination with the Federal and State governments.
  4. Actively contribute to building better housing and security.
  5. Contribute to the reconstruction of damaged markets, in coordination with local authorities.

Slim Helu said that Grupo Carso provides, at no cost, its staff and equipment that will be used during the reconstruction.

He explained that the contribution made by Carlos Slim Foundation comes from own resources that will not be tax deductible, as they are part of the resources of the Foundation itself.

Carlos Slim Foundation will report monthly about the progresses and resources used through the webpage