Carlos Slim Foundation and UNAM’s School of Medicine join forces to revolutionize telementoring in Mexico

In a joint effort to innovate in educational training and improve medical care, the UNAM School of Medicine, in collaboration with the Carlos Slim Foundation, presented the ECHO project.

ECHO is a pioneering initiative in the field of telementoring, developed by the University of New Mexico and aims to transmit the knowledge of health experts to medical professionals through digital platforms to improve patient care.

The Carlos Slim Foundation, a leader in the development and application of digital health models in the country, has been designated as ECHO’s first “Superhub” in Mexico and one of the first in Latin America.

As a Superhub, the Foundation has the crucial role of supporting the School of Medicine in the implementation of the ECHO model, providing advice based on its experience with other ECHO hubs associated with state governments and national health institutes.

The shared vision of both institutions is that, through this collaboration, the ECHO project can be implemented for all medical trainees at the University. This expansion seeks to broaden and enrich the knowledge of young doctors working in the field, enabling better attention and care for their patients.

The presentation event was attended by representatives of UNAM, Carlos Slim Foundation and the ECHO project at a national and international level.
The launch of this project marks a milestone in digital medicine in Mexico, promising to transform and improve medical care throughout the country.