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Carlos Slim Foundation operates this program in order to support populations who have been devastated by natural disasters in Mexico and sister nations. So far, this program has developed vast experience that allows providing humanitarian assistance directly to the population, timely and efficiently.

Carlos Slim Foundation has established an Assistance Plan for natural disasters to provide immediate assistance to the affected population, especially to the most vulnerable ones. Humanitarian Aid includes groceries, mattresses and blankets, among other supports; which are delivered directly to all the people who need them in emergency situations. Also, water treatment plants and electrical energy are taken to the affected areas.


29,155.37 tons of humanitarian aid.
27’091,139 liters of sanitized drinking water.
172 water treatmentplants set up in affected areas.


Carlos Slim Foundation, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Canadian philanthropist Frank Giustra created a fund of 20 million dollars to support economic growth and social development in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that struck our sister nation.

Seeking the common good, Telmex volunteers donate their time and talents to private and public welfare institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), communities and groups that support vulnerable populations.

This Volunteer Network is formed by TELMEX employees, their families and general society, supporting the work done in nursing homes, orphanages, prisons and institutions with educational activities.

Furthermore, volunteers disseminate information on organ and tissue donation in institutions that request it, as part of Heroes for Life campaign; they also deliver credentials in the events of “Racing to change lives” (Corriendo para Cambiar Historias) to people who have registered as volunteer tissue and organ donors, among many other activities. Also, their work and selfless service is invaluable in the aid program for natural disasters.


6,008 volunteers.
777,632 hours of work at national level.
24,974 activities and events.
1’539,054 persons benefited.