Andrea Bocelli and Carlos Slim Foundations unite to offer youth and children a life of opportunities and beauty

The affinity of their goals, values and, above all, missions persuaded the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) and the Carlos Slim Foundation to join forces.

Through its student scholarship program and the development of on-line educational platforms, the Carlos Slim Foundation provides millions of young Mexicans and Spanish-speakers in other countries the opportunity to develop their talents. These youth would not have the opportunity for access to education and professional training otherwise. Meanwhile, the mission that ABF has pursued since its beginning is very similar: To offer every person and community in which it chooses to work the opportunity to develop their potential.

When they shared the experiences and learning from their respective projects, ABF and the Carlos Slim Foundation decided to join forces granting scholarships to study music at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in order to promote vocational and educational training with the shared vision both Foundations have of creating and cultivating talent.

As part of the agreement between the two foundations, through, the free on-line educational platform developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation, the scope of the musical education programs that ABF currently offers will be expanded and strengthened.

This collaboration will also help to strengthen the ophthalmological surgery campaigns currently supported by the Carlos Slim Foundation.

The Carlos Slim Foundation will also support the work that the Andrea Bocelli Foundation does in Haití, to facilitate access to digital education for close to 3,000 students who attend the schools constructed by ABF, together with its local partner St Luc Foundation, which are located in five of the most remote and poor communities of that nation.

The affinity of goals between the two Foundations, which was recognized in 2017when Carlos Slim Helú received the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award, is consolidated today by establishing common work objectives.

In the framework of the agreement between the two Institutions, the Carlos Slim Foundation held a gala in recognition of Andrea Bocelli, founder of the ABF.

During the event, the vice president of ABFVeronica Berti, recalled that behind the creation of the Foundation is the desire to form a living laboratory, in which many people join forces to help all those who deserve to have the best life possible, and thus the collaboration between the two foundations represents a tangible, brilliant and virtuous example of how to make this dream a reality.