Federal Police and Carlos Slim Foundation work on preventing vehicular accidents in Zacatecas

In Zacatecas, the Federal Police implemented a campaign called ‘I am a Driver with a Star’ (Soy Conductor con Estrella), which aims to reduce traffic accidents in the federal and state highways network.

Orestes de Jesús Estrada Miranda, Commissioner of the Federal Police in Zacatecas, said that the Federal Police and the Carlos Slim Foundation signed an agreement for the implementation of this campaign, in order to prevent vehicular accidents. Commissioner Estrada Miranda assured that a large part of traffic accidents can be avoided using preventing measures.

Estrada Miranda said that the Federal Police in Zacatecas do transversal work with the state and municipal Officials in Road Safety, as well as with the Citizen Liaison links in order to implement the ‘I am a Driver with a Star’ program.

As part of the signing of agreement with Carlos Slim Foundation, a conference was held with the participation of Francisco Name Guzzy, in which he shared his experiences as a professional racing driver, and the importance of preventing road accidents.

Francisco Name Guzzy mentioned that as human beings, everyone at some point, we have had friends or relatives involved in road accidents. He said that in this campaign they are working as Drivers for Road Safety and now with the alliance with the Federal Police in the ‘I am a Driver with a Star’ campaign, they will work to raise awareness using a totally different method than what has been used before.

He said that this campaign is aimed especially at young people, who know about road safety measures, but do not apply them. “It is one of the problems. Through this campaign and these conferences we are looking to reach with a completely different message, understandable, and which can really be applied for prevention,” said Name Guzzy.

Pilots for Road Safety is an initiative that aims to create a road culture that saves thousands of lives in a joint effort with Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, Automobile Federation (FIA) Mexico, UNAM, Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (CESVI) Mexico, Mexican Red Cross, Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), Fox Sports, Telethon Foundation, Carlos Slim Foundation and Escudería TELMEX-TELCEL, as well as other public and private institutions.

Through the Pilots for Road Safety campaign, professional Mexican drivers go all over the country promoting an ethical and preventive road culture among young people to be responsible drivers, pedestrians and passengers.